Rare Redline Hot Wheels Making Tracks in Collecting World

redline hot wheels

Rare Redline Hot Wheels Making Tracks in Collecting World

Hot Wheels are metal diecast toys that are manufactured by the Mattel Toy Company. They debuted in the marketplace in the year 1968 and were a smashing success. The original line of Hot Wheel cars included 16 different cars, which are now more commonly known as the “Sweet Sixteen”. These 16 diecast cars came in assorted colors and makes and were originally manufactured in plants located in the United States and Hong Kong. As of 1972 all Hot Wheels cars are produced in Hong Kong exclusively. In the early years between 1968 and 1972, Hot Wheels came with one very distinctive trait on each car. Each set of tires had a red line emblazoned on them much like our modern automobile tires have white walls. This was a very effective trademark of the diecast cars as those early models were affectionately dubbed the Redlines and thus the Redline era was born out of it.

Redline Hot Wheels are probably in every males past for the past 40 years. Early Redlines were patterned after popular car models of the era and were thus ingrained into the American culture. In fact 9 of the original 16 Redlines diecast Hot Wheels were patterned and mimicked actual automobiles of that time. The 7 other diecast Redlines were fashioned like race cars and exhibit cars.

The early Redline Hot Wheels had many other specific traits as well as the redline tires. For example they mostly were painted in brash metallic colors called Spectaflame paint and had chrome styled hot rod type rims. The styles invoked the imagination of young boys around the world. The cars were also packaged in blister packs with flashy colored cardboard backs.

Most young men are now enthused with capturing these childhood memories and now the hunt is own to collect these rare vintage early Hot Wheels. Much like baseball card collecting, Redlines and Hot Wheels collecting in general is on the rise. With the dawn of the giant internet auction house eBay, it has made it easier to find and buy even the rarest of old Hot Wheels from reputable dealers and individuals. Make sure to identify the grade and shape of the Redlines you are buying and do not be afraid to ask for close up pictures before making a bid or buying. In the age of the internet, it will not be hard to find Redline Hot Wheels for sale.