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Matchbox Cars & Hot Wheels As Collectibles

Matchbox cars and Hot Wheels cars flourished as popular toys for decades, and continue to do so. However, in recent years, these die-cast cars have also spurred on a new realm of collecting. Toy collecting has been around for some time and those individuals naturally started to collect toy cars as well. However, there have […]

Hot Wheels Immediate Success and Impact on Matchbox

The Matchbox brand of cars dominated the die-cast toy car industry for decades. In fact, they had no real competitors during their reign as the only prominent die-cast toy car maker. That is until Mattel introduced their line of Hot Wheels in 1968 and had immediate success. Matchbox’s sales in America dropped from $28 million […]

Hot Wheels Cars – Start Your Own Collection

Hot Wheels cars is a popular brand of die cast toy cars introduced by American Toy maker Mattel in 1968. The popularity of Hot Wheels is a result of the variety of toys that they manufacture. Many automobile companies have licensed the brand to manufacture scale factor models of their own machines. These were originally […]

Rare Redline Hot Wheels Making Tracks in Collecting World

Rare Redline Hot Wheels Making Tracks in Collecting World Hot Wheels are metal diecast toys that are manufactured by the Mattel Toy Company. They debuted in the marketplace in the year 1968 and were a smashing success. The original line of Hot Wheel cars included 16 different cars, which are now more commonly known as […]

Hot Wheels Cars

A Hot Wheel car is a great idea for a gift for any child, or adult for that matter. Children of all ages love these neat little toys. They have been around for years and years, and continue to improve and more and more people are choosing to get them for their children. They are […]

Vintage Hot Wheels Series – The Sweet Sixteen

Are you thinking of starting a vintage Hot Wheels collection? The bad news is that you will not find this as easy as collecting more recent models. As a matter of fact, if you’re looking to complete your own Sweet Sixteen collection, you should gear up for some work. Those models will not fall into […]

Matchbox vs Hot Wheels

Matchbox cars were first created in England in 1952. While working for Lesney Products, owned by Leslie Smith and Rodney Smith (no relation), die-caster Jack Odell created the first ever Matchbox car. It was a brass Road Roller made small enough to fit into a match box, at the request of his daughter. She wanted […]

Hot Wheels Track Set a Toy to Collect and to Enjoy

Collecting Hot Wheels cars is one of the most fun hobbies in toy world, especially if you are inclined to anything associated with automotives. The hobby does not hurt the pocket that much, which means that you can see your collections immediately line up after a few hundred dollars. What is great about the brand […]

Collecting Diecast Model Trucks

There are many different types of items that a person can collect. These items suit a number of interests but for those who enjoy vehicles, diecast model trucks is a good choice. These figures have been made for decades and are still being created in the forms of many varieties of trucks whether they are […]